Pests are small living organisms  that are detrimental to other organisms such as the flora and fauna. Pests affect the quality of life most especially for the humans,they make one not be as comfortable as he should be. Some of the negative effects of these pests are that they cause illnesses and can also risk your life a lot especially the type with dangerous venom.


The main cause of pest infestation is poor hygiene maintenance in and around our homes and as such pests breed there. Pests do not like clean places and as such if you regularly clean your place, you can be able to comfortably deal with these pests. Mosquitoes love  dirty still  water so that it can help them to reproduce more. Destroying an organism's habitat is a short cut to destroying even the insect itself because it will have no place to live in and it will in due time just die away.


Using animals to destroy pests is a pest control method that has been in existence for a long time before, for example, using a cat to feed on the rats, this way the rats will have been dealt with. Such a method is very effective and environment friendly because it does not involve the use of any sprays that can harm the ecology. An easy way of controlling pests is by use of sprays which are made to kill the pests instant, for example mortein doom used in killing insects such as flies and cockroaches that might have infested in the house. Insecticides can be used to control pests over a large area of farm or just a smaller area. Know about Clearfield Pest Control service here!


Another method used to deal with pests is by feeding them poisonous substances as it is done to rats, for example, there are various rat poisons that can be used. Hunting is another way, though old  for killing pests. Old time farmers used to set ablaze their pieces of land for example after they harvest sugarcane,the fire would burn everything including the pests. Using fire as a method of pest control  is disadvantageous to the ecology because it clears everything leaving the land bare. The use of traps is common especially in catching pests such as rats and mice.



Spraying highly poisonous gases in a place where pests are kills them completely because it targets all the life stages of the pests, this method is, however, dangerous both to the environment and to the person spraying especially if he does not have the protective gear such as masks and gloves to protect himself. Check out this website at for more info!